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Epithets of Country -II

Epithets of country

1. Land of Five Rivers – Punjab, India

2. Land of Thousand Lakes – Finland

3. Land of white Elephant – Thailand

4. Never Never Land – Prairies of N.Australia

5. Pearls of the Antilles – Cuba

6. Playground of Europe – Switzerland

7. Playground of India – Kashmir

8. Powder Keg of Europe – Balkans

9. Quaker City – Philadelphia (U.S.A)

10. Queen of the Adriatic – Venice, Italy

11. Queen of the Arabian sea /Venice of the East – Kochi, India

12. Roof of the World – Pamir’s, Central Asia

13. Pink City – Jaipur, India

14. Sick Man of Europe – Turkey

15. Sorrow of China/Yellow River – River Hwang Ho


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