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World History -2

1. The king who was forced to sign the Magna Karta was – King John II

2. Winston Churchill died in the year – 1965 AD

3. Battle of Britain was fought in the year – 1940 AD

4. Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in 1941 against the – Soviet Union

5. Bolshevik Revolution took place in – 1917 AD

6. Christopher Columbus died in the year – 1506 AD

7. De Champlain was a – French Explorer

8. China was also known as – Chung hua

9. Alexandria was founded by – Alexander

10. In the first Punic War fought in 264-261 BC, the Romans defeated – Carthaginians

11. Modern Parliament was introduced by – Edward I

12. The Disease which struck Europe in the 14th Century was – Plague

13. In the thirteenth Century, Russia was overrun by – Mongols

14. In 1260, the Mongol army was defeated by the armies of Islam at – Ain Jalut

15. Tamerlane or Timur died in the year – 1405 AD


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