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Did You Know ?

1. Which dog used to be sacred in China? – Pekingese

2. Urticaria is a skin disease otherwise known as what? – Hives

3. What kind of animal is the largest living creature on Earth? – Whale

4. Give another name for the study of fossils? – Paleontology

5. What do dragonflies prefer to eat? – Mosquitoes

6. What do you get when you crossbreed a donkey and a horse? – Hinny

7. Which insects cannot fly, but can jump higher than 30 cm? – Fleas

8. What is the name of the European Bison? – Wisent

9. What is called a fish with a snake-like body? – Eel fish

10. In which city is the oldest zoo in the world? – Vienna

11. After which animals are the Canary Islands named? – Dogs

12. Which plant does the Canadian flag contain? – Maple

13. What is the food of penguins? – Krill, fish and squid

14. Which is the largest species of the tiger? – Siberian tiger

15. The bite of which insect causes the Lyme disease? – Deer Tick


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