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Our Solar System : Mercury

1. Mercury is the smallest planet in the – Solar System

2. Mercury is one of four terrestrial planets in the – Solar System

3. Mercury is the closest planet to the – Sun

4. Mercury makes one trip around the Sun once every – 87.969 days

5. Mercury is made of about – 70% metallic and 30% silicate material

6. Mercury’s density is the second highest in the Solar System at – 5.427 g/cm3

7. Mercury’s atmosphere contains small amounts of – hydrogen, helium, and oxygen

8. Mercury’s surface temperature is – 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius)

9. Mercury speeds around the sun – every 88 Earth days, traveling through space at nearly 112,000 mph (180,000 kph), faster than any other planet

10. Average distance from the sun – 57,910,000 km

11. Length of Day – 58.646 Earth-days (58d 15h 30m)

12. The planet was named for the – Roman god Mercury

13. Distance from Earth – 57 million miles, at the closest point in its orbit

14. Mercury was first visited by NASA’s Mariner 10 space probe in – 1974

15. Mercury is never appears more than 27 degrees away from the – Sun


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