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Sports :

1. What is the national sport in Japan? – Sumo Wrestling

2. In which country were the first Olympic Games held? – Greece

3. How long is an Olympic swimming pool? – Fifty meters

4. At what number does one begin when playing Darts? – The number 501

5. How many players has a hockey team got on the ice? – Six players

6. What was the Olympic city of 1992? – Barcelona

7. What is the largest stadium in the world? – Strahov Stadium

8. Which two sports are practiced on a green table? – Billiards and ping-pong

9. Where were the Olympic Games held in 1996? – Atlanta

10. What is the nickname of the Belgian national soccer team? – Red devils

11. Which ball is worth the most points in English snooker? – The black ball

12. What is called a yoga posture? – Asana

13. In which sport can you win the Davis Cup? – Tennis

14. Which popular fitness method was invented by a German? – Pilates

15. In which year did Maradona score a goal with his hand? – 1986


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