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Our Solar System : Mars

1. Mars is the fourth planet from – the Sun and last of the terrestrial planets.

2. Mars is the second smallest planet in the – solar system.

3. Mars is named after a mythological figure – the Roman god of war.

4. Mars is sometimes called the – Red Planet because of the brownish-red color of its surface.

5. The landmass of Mars and Earth is – very similar.

6. Pieces of Mars have been found on – Earth.

7. The tallest mountain known in the solar system is on – Mars.

8. The Sun looks about half its size half it does from Earth when seen from – Mars.

9. It takes Mars 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun with its orbit radius of – 227,840,000 km.

10. Mars does not have a – magnetic field.

11. Mars is around 227,940,000 km from – the Sun .

12. Distance to Earth – 225,300,000 km.

13. Radius – 3,390 km.

14. Surface area – 144,798,500 km2.

15. Mars has two moons – Phobos and Deimos.


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