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Word History

1. Operation Barbarossa was launched against – Soviet Union

2. In 1942, Russians broke the German front at – Stalingrad

3. In 1942, British defeated the Africa Corps at – El Alamein

4. The Marshall Plan was launched in – June 1947

5. The Berlin Wall was built in – 1961 AD

6. In 1937, Japan attacked – China

7. In the First World War, Japan allied with – US, UK, France

8. Pearl Harbor is located in – Hawaii

9. During the First World War, America’s President was – Woodrow Wilson

10. In February 1942, Singapore fell to – Japan

11. Philippines became independent in – 1946 AD

12. Malaya became independent in – 1957 AD

13. The first Olympiad was held in Greece in the year – 76 BC

14. The first woman in world to become the Prime minister of a country was – Sirimavo Bandaranaike


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