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Our Solar System : Saturn

1. Saturn is the sixth planet from the – Sun

2. Saturn is the second largest planet of the – Solar System

3. Saturn is also the fifth brightest object in the – Solar system

4. In Roman mythology Saturn was the father of – Jupiter, king of the gods

5. The most common nickname for Saturn is – The Ringed Planet

6. Saturn gives off more energy than it receives from the – Sun

7. Saturn takes Saturn 29.4 Earth years to orbit the – Sun

8. Saturn has the fastest winds of any other planet in our – Solar system

9. Saturn is the least dense planet in the – Solar system

10. Saturn has – 150 moons and smaller moonlets

11. Saturn’s moon Titan is the second largest moon in the – Solar System

12. Saturn is the flattest of the – Eight planets

13. Saturn appears a pale yellow color because its upper atmosphere contains – Ammonia crystals

14. The interior of Saturn is – Very hot

15. Saturn is – 1,424,600,000 km from the Sun


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