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Our Solar System : Planet Neptune

1. Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from – the Sun in the Solar System

2. Neptune was subsequently observed with a telescope on – 23 September 1846 by Urbain Le Verrier & Johann Galle

3. Neptune is the third largest planet with respect to – Mass

4. Neptune is only the fourth largest in terms of – Diameter

5. It takes Neptune 164.8 Earth years to – orbit the Sun

6. Neptune has the second largest gravity of any planet in the – Solar system

7. Neptune has a storm similar the Great Red Spot on – Jupiter

8. Neptune also has a second storm called – the Small Dark Spot

9. Neptune has – 14 known moons

10. The largest of Neptune moons is – Titan

11. Neptune has an average surface temperature of – -214°C

12. Neptune is the smallest of the – ice giants

13. The atmosphere of Neptune is made of – hydrogen and helium, with some methane

14. Neptune has a very thin collection of – rings

15. Its equatorial clouds take 18 hours to make – one rotation because Neptune is not solid body


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