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Pineal & Pituitary Glands

1. Pineal gland – is located in a small cave like hole above the hind part of the pituitary gland in the middle of the brain.

2. Pineal gland – is also called the controller gland.

3. Pineal gland – is instrumental in the growth of the body & control the sex gland.

4. Pineal gland – is related to the self regulated nervous system of the body.

5. Pineal gland – secretion of this gland controls other glands.

6. Pineal gland – is also helpful in preventing general information.

7. Pituitary gland – is located at the base of the brain inside the skull & is connected with hypothalamus.

8. Pituitary gland – functions with the help of other glands.

9. Pituitary gland – becomes active when other glands stop functioning.

10. Pituitary gland – when secretion of the gland of the other hormones increases, this gland reduces secretion.

11. Pituitary gland – decrease & increase in height depends on the secretion of this gland as it affects both our bones & muscles.

12. Pituitary gland – activates the seminal cells in men & ovary in women.

13. Pituitary gland – breasts of mother get filled with milk after delivery of a child due to this very gland.

14. Pituitary gland – influences the vessels in the kidneys & stimulates them to absorb more liquid.

15. Pituitary gland – reduces urination.


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