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World History

1. Greek civilization was flourished in the year – 800 BC

2. Rome was founded in the year – 753 BC

3. Suez Canal opened in the year – 1869 AD

4. Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee was held in the year – 1887 AD

5. The Eiffel Tower is built in – 1889 AD

6. Bangladesh was formed as Separate Country in – 1971

7. The first Ancient Geek Olympic Game was begun – 776 BC

8. In the year 1837 AD, Victoria becomes – queen of British Empire

9. James Madison is – Father of the Constitution

10. Roald Amundsen was first to reach – the South Pole

11. The Seven Years’ War was the other name for – French and Indian War (1756-1763)

12. The America got independence in – 1776

13. The Industrial Revolution First took place in – England


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