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Thyroid Gland & Parathyroid Gland

1. Thyroid gland – is located at the upper end of the bronchial tube near the vocal cord.

2. Thyroid gland – is heavier in women than in men.

3. Thyroid gland – grasps the fundamental substance called iodine.

4. Thyroid gland – keeps our youth intact.

5. Thyroid gland – utilizes iodine in secretion of those hormones which are helpful in the metabolism of fats, proteins & carbohydrates.

6. Thyroid gland – helps in the process of digestion.

7. Thyroid gland – secretion iron is used evenly in the entire body.

8. Thyroid gland – especially helpful in the production & distribution of electric energy in the body. Phosphorus is used in nerves & the centers of the brain.

9. Parathyroid gland – is located above & below the thyroid gland near the vocal cord.

10. Parathyroid gland – is sheltered by the left & right portions of the thyroid gland.

11. Parathyroid gland – both in their function & formation they are entirely different from the thyroid gland.

12. Parathyroid gland – control the quantum of calcium in the blood & play an important role in activating our muscles & nervous system.

13. Parathyroid gland – with the growth of muscle and bone.

14. Parathyroid gland – distribution of calcium and phosphate in the body.


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