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Thymus and Adrenal Gland

Thymus and Adrenal Gland

1. Thymus glands – is nestled behind the meeting pont of collar bones & neck in the middle of the chest a little above the heart.

2. Thymus glands – has got two chunks.

3. Thymus glands – takes care of the body development part of the body is completed first 14 years.

4. Thymus glands – does not allow the sex glands to grow upto this age.

5. Thymus glands – is instrumental in the proper development of the brain.

6. Adrenal gland – two triangular glands above the kidneys & attached to the diaphragm are called adrenal gland.

7. Adrenal gland – like other glands this gland discharges maximum quantum secretion.

8. Adrenal gland – secretion of this gland is most essential for the protection of our life.

9. Adrenal gland – cortisone like hormones cures more than one hundred diseases like gout, defects of blood circulation, defects of colon, cancer & asthma etc.

10. Adrenal gland – is helpful in the change of our emotions.

11. Adrenal gland – is such an important gland that survival without it is impossible.

12. Adrenal gland – increases metabolism. It stimulates liver to convert glycogen.

13. Adrenal gland – helps in the contraction of different kinds of arteries in skin & internal organs, but at the same time it expands our muscles & the arteries of the heart.

14. Adrenal gland – in the state of emergency this gland creates a sense of alertness in the body & prepares us to face squarely a dangerous situation by inculcating I us a feeling of internal strength & security.


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