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1. The study of birds is – Ornithology

2. The largest bird alive is the – Ostrich

3. The smallest bird alive is the – Humming bird

4. The largest seabird is the – Albatross

5. The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is the – Ostrich

6. The country in which kiwi is found is – New Zealand

7. The mammal that lives at the greatest altitude is the – Hog nosed bat

8. The largest flying mammal is the – Bats

9. The bird which has the largest wing span is the – Great Bustard

10. A group of peacocks are called a – Muster

11. A group of eagles are called – Convocation

12. Penguins are found in the – South Pole

13. A bird which lays only one egg in two years is the – Albatross

14. A Fastest flying bird – Peregrine Falcon

15. Which bird has eyes facing forward instead of on the sides of their heads, like most birds – Owls


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