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Animal World


1. The tallest living animal is the – Giraffe

2. The largest living animal is the – Rorqual or blue whale

3. The fastest land animal is the – Cheetah

4. The largest land animal is the – African bush elephant

5. The world’s smallest animal is the – Skunk like zorilla of Africa

6. The animal known as the river horse is the – Hippopotamus

7. The only animal which has four knees is the – Elephant

8. An animal which is dumb is the – Giraffe

9. The number of teeth a fox has is – Forty two

10. The smallest dog on earth is the – Chihuahua

11. The largest member of the cat family is the – Tiger

12. A camel can remain without water for – 30 days

13. How many teeth a horse has – Forty

14. The first animal to go into space was – Dog

15. How many teeth a turtle has – Eight


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