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1. A small fish having a head like that of a horse is known as – Sea horse

2. The fish which is known as the king of fishes is the – Shark

3. The world’s largest aquarium is the – Sydney Aquarium

4. The fish that can taste with its whole body is the – Catfish

5. The average weight of a blue whale is – 1,20,000 kg

6. The most widely eaten fish in India is the – Pomfret

7. The only fish that makes nest is the – Stickle back

8. Gold fish originally belongs to – China

9. The whale believed to be a fish is actually a – Mammal

10. The Archer fish catches its flies by – Spitting at them

11. The smallest known fish is the – Dwaft pygmy goby

12. Groups of fish are called a – Shoal

13. Fishes evolved in which era – Silurian

14. Elephant fish are found in – Tropical Africa

15. How many arms an octopus has – Eight


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