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World History

1. The first Olympiad was held in Greece in the year – 776 BC

2. Rome was founded in the year – 753 BC

3. The Great Wall of China was built in the year – 214 BC

4. The first voyage around the world was undertook by whom in 1522 – Magellan

5. The first President of USA was – George Washington

6. Which Battle marked the end of Napoleon era – Waterloo

7. The American War of Independence was fought between – America and Great Britain

8. Adolf Hitler was also known as – Fuhrer

9. The first woman in world to become the Prime minister of a country was – Sirimao Bandara Naike

10. The Emperor of Germany who dismissed his Chancellor Bismark in 1880 was – William II

11. Two Presidents of USA were father and son. Their names were – John Adams & Quincey

12. The UNO came into existence in – 1945 AD

13. The king of England before Elizabeth II was – George VI

14. Queen Elizabeth I ascended the throne of England in the year – 1558 AD

15. The Statue of Liberty of New York was a gift from – France


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