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Official Books of Countries

1. Parliamentary papers and diplomatic documents in the form of – colored books or Official Books

2. Blue Book – An official report of the British Government.

3. Green Book – Official Publications of Italy and Persia

4. Grey Book – Official reports of the Government of Japan and Belgium.

5. Orange Book – Official publication of the Government of Netherlands.

6. White Book – Official publications of China, Germany and Portugal.

7. White Paper – Official Paper of the Government of Britain and India on a particular issue.

8. Yellow Book – It is the French official book

9. Red book – Book banished in a country

10. What is the official publication of Italy is called Green Book. Which other countrys official publication is referred to by the same name? – Iran

11. Publication of White books Germany began in- 1870

12. Publication of yellow books began in – 1861


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