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1. The trees are produced oxygen via – Photosynthesis

2. The world tallest tree is – Redwood Tree

3. The bark of cinchona tree is used to prepare – Quinine

4. Bamboos are a type of – Grass

5. According to the Hindu mythology, peepal is a – Sacred tree

6. Clove is a – Tropical tree

7. From the leaves of Eucalyptus tree oil is extracted for – Medicinal use

8. The largest tree in the world is a – Giant sequoia

9. The teak is native to which continent – Asia

10. Which tree do we get turpentine from? – Pines

11. Which trees leaves are the symbols of The National Trust? – Oak

12. Syrup comes from – Maple tree

13. The oldest tree in the world is – Pine

14. The paper produced trees are – Spruce, Pine, Fir, Larch and Hemlock

15. The United Nations emblem is – Olive tree


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