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Space Firsts



1. The first person to land on the moon – Neil A. Armstrong

2. The first to launch search Satellite or “artificial moon” – U.S.S.R.

3. The first man to enter space – Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

4. The first person to space as tourist – Dennis Tito

5. The first woman cosmonaut in the world – Valentina Tereshkova

6. The first woman Astronaut pilot – Lt. Col. Eileen Marie Collins

7. The first person to float in space – Alexey Leonov

8. The first American astronaut (2nd in world) to float in space – Edward White

9. The first country to launch a cosmic space rocket towards moon – U.S.S.R.

10. The first man to stay long in space – Valery Ryumin

11. The first space shuttle – Columbia

12. The first spacecraft to leave solar system – Pioneer-II (U.S.A)

13. The first manned spaceship longest stay in space for 11days – Apollo-7(U.S.A)

14. The first Russian cosmonaut to make two space flights – Colonel Vladimir Komarov

15. The first manned spaceship to space flight round the moon – Apollo-8(U.S.A)


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