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World History

1. The American War of Independence was fought during the years – 1775 – 1783 AD

2. Stalin became the Premier of USSR in – 1924 AD

3. Lenin was succeeded by – Stalin
4. In the Second World War, atomic bombs were dropped in Japan which destroyed – Hiroshima

5. Leningrad was built by – Peter I

6. White House, the residence of the President of the USA is located at – Washington DC

7. In European History, the year 1848 is known as – Year of Revolution

8. The first Prime Minister of Israel was – David Ben-Gurion

9. The English King who was prepared to exchange his kingdom for a horse was – Richard III

10. Nixon was succeeded by – Gerald Ford

11. Nixon resigned in the year – 1974 AD

12. The First World War broke out in – 1914 AD

13. In the year 1959, Chinese occupied – Tibet

14. A big Naval expedition sent by Philip II against England was known as the – Spanish Armada

15. Magna Carta is also known as the – Bible of English Constitution


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