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Historically Important Places


1. Mount Blanc – It is the highest mountain peak in Europe in the Alps on the confines of Italy and France.

2. Yellow Sea – It is a sea between China and Korea.

3. Lumbini – It is the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal.

4. Kremlin – It is in Moscow. It is the headquarters of Russia.

5. Pearl Harbour – US naval base in Hawaii Island. The Japanese attack of this brought them into the Second World War.

6. Pentagon – It is in Washington. It is the defense head-quarters of USA.

7. Pisa – It is in Italy, well known for its leaning tower.

8. Victoria Falls – It is on river Zambezi in Central Africa. It is 1,700 meters wide.

9. Potala – It is in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Dalai Lama’s palace is situated here.

10. Monte Carlo – It is in France, famous for the luxurious resorts and world-renowned car rally.

11. Great Wall of China – 2,400 km long wall constructed by the Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti.

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Statutory Right Law & Legal Definition

A statutory right is a right granted under a statute, whether federal or state. Statutory means relating to statutes, which are laws enacted by a legislature or other governing body. The written statutes can be used as authority to govern resolving the disputes they address in many cases, rather than case law or judge-made law, constitutional law, contract law, etc.