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Musical Instruments



1. How many sections of violins are usually in an orchestra? – Two

2. How many strings does a violin have? – Four

3. What is the lowest pitched double-reed instrument? – Contra Bassoon

4. How many keys does a piano have? – 88

5. Piano has – 52 white keys and 36 black keys

6. What very popular instrument was invented during Haydns career? – Piano

7. What is the full name for the piano? – Fortepiano

8. What composer is mainly known for his very hard violin caprices? – Paganini

9. What instrument is mainly used for jazz and rarely used in symphonic music? – Saxophone

10. The koto is a zither like instrument from what country? – Japan

11. Which has the higher sound, the flute or the piccolo? – Piccolo

12. In what instrument family does the piccolo belong? – Wind

13. In what country did the kettle drum originate? – Arabia

14. What instrument was formerly on the coins of Ireland? – Harp