Amazing Facts :


#AmazingFact : Bruce Lee’s martial art moves were so fast, that those could not be captured on the regular 24 frames per second (fps) film. As a result, they were filmed at 32 fps, and then run slower, for the audience to see his moves.


Amazing Facts :

#AmazingFact : Fans at Leicester City’s final EPL home game caused the biggest earth tremors recorded at ground. The King Power Stadium reported two minor quakes with a magnitude of 0.4 on Saturday night (May 7, 2016). Known as ‘Vardyquakes’, the tremors have been attributed to sudden energy releases made by Foxes fans.

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National Games of Countries

1. India – Hockey

2. USA – Baseball

3. Canada – Ice Hockey

4. Sri Lanka – Volley ball

5. Russia – Football and Chess

6. China – Table Tennis

7. Brazil & France – Football

8. England & Australia – Cricket

9. Malaysia – Badminton

10.Bhutan – Archery

11.Switzerland – Shooting and Gymnastics

12.Turkey – Wrestling and Jereed

13.Spain – Bulls Fighting

14.Bangladesh – Kabaddi

15.Japan – Judo